Capítulo 276. Drawing the blues

Dear newgonkers,
today we celebrate the 75th birthday of Jean Giraud also known as Moebius. The popular drawer of several unforgettable characters such as Lieutenant Blueberry or Arzach. But that's not all folks...May 8th is a great date because Robert Johnson "The King of the Delta Blues" was born on this day 102 years ago. Well, it is not bad at all, isn't it? 

To commemorate both anniversaries New Gon City proposes to its readers a fantastic 1-minute video showing Jean's talent in action with Marshall Blueberry coming out from the brush. True magic made of paper and ink. Moreover Robert's music is now available in Sounds of the City. Yes! The mythical "Cross Road Blues" or simply "Crossroads" covered by Cream in the concert at Winterland in 1968 ready on your right. Is this the best blues-rock ever recorded? Listen it carefully and make up your own mind but don't forget... God is playing the guitar...