Capítulo 373. From Manchester with love

Tal día como hoy hace 30 años, una casi desconocida banda de de Manchester lanzaba su homónimo álbum de debut: "The Smiths". Desde entonces Johnny Marr y Morrissey tienen sus propias calles en New Gon City, paralelas a Bigmouth Lane desembocando en las puertas del cementerio de Asleep. Allí, en premeditada sincronía, encontré este viernes a Madame George y, un año mas, recitamos versos a los difuntos para celebrar su cumpleaños:

"A dreaded sunny day
so I meet you at the cemetery gates,
Keats and Yeats are on your side
while Wilde is on mine.
So we go inside and we gravely read the stones.
All those people, all those lives,
where are they now?
With the loves and hates
and passions just like mine.
They were born
and then they lived 
and then they died."

PS. "Still ill" del albúm "The Smiths" en Sounds of the City.

Under the iron bridge we kissed 
And although I ended up with sore lips 
It just wasn't like the old days anymore 
No, it wasn't like those days 
Am I still ill ?
Oh no... 
Am I still ill ? 
Oh no...