Capítulo 229. The talent of Mike Masse and Jeff Hall.

Dear Jeff and Mike,
last sunday I was hanging out browsing the web when I accidentally ran into your terrific cover of Toto's theme "Africa". I was completely shocked by such a demonstration of talent in a little pizza shop in Salt Lake City. Wow. Not too many guys can claim to have played the best song cover I've seen in YouTube so far.

Well, the thing is that I want to tell you how I appreciate and admire your live performances and I have decided to grant you the newgonkian citizenship. Although, to be honest, being newgonkian doesn't mean much. We, the people of New Gon City, love the music, poetry, science, literature, comic-books, friendship, kids and stuff like that. All we can offer is our respect, admiration and gratitude for your music. It is not very impressive but it is not so bad actually.

Mike, Jeff, you'll probably never read this post but...who knows? Internet is a wonderful place full of unexpected surprises. Anycase, I hope you like this humble tribute.


Mayor of New Gon City